Tallis Training

Getting Started

New to the Tallis tools? Learn to use them with the help of our tutorials, samples and documentation.

PROforma is a software technology for specifying clinical guidelines and care pathways and enacting them with the help of a computer to support clinical decision-making and patient care. Learn the basic concepts.

The Tallis Composer is a graphical editor that supports the authoring of PROforma processes. Get an overview of the user interface.

Enquiries, sources and data definitions all play a part in collecting information from agents – whether end-users or software components – to be used in the process. Learn how to make the most of them.

Decisions are tasks in which a choice is made between several different options, known as candidates. PROforma supports decision-making through a mechanism for generating arguments that may be either for or against a given candidate. Learn to create decisions.

Task scheduling determines the flow of the process-description, and the order in which tasks are enacted. Learn about the different scheduling options that PROforma provides.

PROforma expressions occur in the definitions of tasks, in particular as preconditions and state triggers. They are evaluated in order to obtain information about the current state of a guideline during its enactment. Learn about the different types of PROforma expressions.

The Tallis Tester is a standalone application that allows you to test the flow of your process-description by enacting it locally. Learn to use the Tallis Tester.

Learn to set up enactment servers and to use the standard web enactment interface.

Do you want some sources to be disabled unless the end-user selects a certain value for another source? Would you like source values to be displayed in a drop-down list and not of as radio-buttons? Learn to modify the appearace of tasks in the web enactment.


Learn more about some task attributes that may come in handy.

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